At Bold and fun, we don’t just sew and sell African print clothes, we bring out the self-confidence and self-esteem in you. We design African inspired clothes to fit you properly, flatter your body type, and reflect the inner beauty in you. Our fabrics are sourced from Nigeria. Production of every piece of clothing happens in Finland. This helps us achieve our sustainability goal of reducing our carbon footprint and providing valuable clothing for you at a reasonable price.

Jyvaskyla, Birthplace of Bold and Fun
After graduating from a Master degree programme in Development and International Cooperation in the winter of 2013, I was invited to a business networking event in Helsinki, Finland. Excited, I went shopping in the local stores in Jyvaskyla, Finland. 4 hours later, I had still not found a dress that was bold enough to express who I am. I realized in winter, the stores mostly stocked grey, black and white colors.
So, I went home, pulled out a piece of leaf green African print fabric I had brought with me from Nigeria and made a dress. The business networking event went well. You know how you get to a room full of people and you keep getting flashing stares and you wonder if a piece of meat is hanging off your front teeth? I got those and because I was so into the event, I didn’t realize my dress was the cause of the stares!
"Surely, you didn’t get that dress in Finland, did you?" one of the organizers quipped. I turned around. "Oh no, I made it myself". I replied with a smile.
"Wow! Can you make one for me?"
That day, I went home with 4 orders for dresses and 2 consulting gigs.
after that, Bold and Fun was born.

Values behind bold and fun
Bold and Fun was founded by Benedicta, a Nigerian born fashion designer and waste recycling expert. The goal of Bold and Fun is to provide fashionable African print clothes for women, men, and kids that will be worn with pride. Our clothes are designed to enhance self-confidence and self-esteem. We believe that life should be enjoyed in colors.

Our designs are inspired by our Nigerian heritage, bold African print fabrics and Finnish design aesthetics. At Bold and Fun, we believe that African print fabrics can be worn and enjoyed regardless of the event or environment. Our clothes are ethically sourced in Nigeria and produced in Finland. Leftover scraps are sent to the recycling centers where they are properly recycled.

Why we are different
We acknowledge that shopping for clothes online can be very daunting because there are so many sizing variations and fit problems.
What sets us apart from others is that we use the same sizing and fit principles for every piece of clothing we produce. Our sizing information is available on our product pages and on the footer of our website.

Our fabrics are sourced in Nigeria and designs are produced in Finland. We aim to reduce our carbon footprint and ensure quality control of our clothes.
Our clothes are produced in limited editions. Which means that we do not have the problem of burning or trashing unsold clothes which help us achieve our sustainability goals.
We believe that clothing is an individual language; that is why our designs use the timeless Finnish aesthetics in our collections. Simple lines and classy silhouettes ensure that every jumper, skirt, top or dress you buy can be worn with existing pieces in your wardrobe. To help you achieve a versatile wardrobe, we provide fashion styling videos and tips in our blog.
Welcome to Bold and Fun!