About Us

Bold and Fun
Although registered in 2014, Bold and Fun began full operations in 2019. Bold and Fun is for that woman, man, boy or girl who believes that fashion is for everyone regardless of size, shape, weight, height, race or ethnic background.

Everyone deserves to feel beautiful, confident and happy.

Our clothes
Environmental sustainability is very important to us. Our role in combating the wasteful nature of the fashion industry is to produce 3 styles in very limited quantities at a time. Our carbon footprint is reduced by producing in house. Our fabrics are sourced locally and what cannot be bought locally, we get from the African continent.

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Our Blog.
We also provide well researched, fact verified information and tips on chemical components and safety of beauty products, providing solutions to beauty issues and African print fashion styling tips.
Our Youtube channel, Instagram pages, and facebook page provides users easy access to any content we produce.

Every dress, skirt, tie, shirt or pants are produced in our studio in Finland. Our fabrics are sourced from the African continent. They do not lose color after wash. We take quality very seriously. Sizes are consistent with product pages.

Benedicta Ideho Omokaro
Bold and Fun founder and designer Benedicta Ideho Omokaro uses her experience as a personal stylist to instill confidence, self-esteem, and self-love that goes beyond ethnicity and race.